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Facebook Just Added a New General Counsel and VP of Global C

Facebook brought in some high-powered talent to help it deal with crisis after crisis after crisis,

A Thermostat Maker Slowly Turned Up the Heat on Climate Chan

A killer asteroid is a bigger threat to the world than climate change. And all that alarmist talk ab

How Jesse Williams Helped MedMen Craft the First Cannabis Co

This February, MedMen released the first commercial for cannabis. The two-minute spot, a collaborati

Do you ‘Hate-Like’ Those Perfect Travel Photos From Infl

If you find yourself grudgingly, perhaps even bitterly appreciating the lush and intensely curated t

Recess, the CBD Sparkling Water Company, Is Now Available on

Food delivery? Check. CBD, or cannabidiol, delivery? Mark that down as a check as well, at least to

Will Instagram Remove Like Counts From Its Posts?

Instagram is toying with the idea of removing like counts from posts on its network. Developer and b Attempts to Reclaim Reality With ‘Homes, for t

Huge is getting real in its first work for since being named agency of record in Februar

How This Tech Company Keeps You Coming Back for Its Salads

You may know Sweetgreen as a go-to lunch spot. But Sweetgreen sees itself as a tech company. The cas

Kraft Heinz Taps Former Anheuser-Busch CMO to Be Its New CEO

Kraft Heinz is getting a new chief executive. Today, the company announced that Miguel Patricio will

Zeta Global to Purchase Sizmek Assets in $36 Million Deal

Sizmek has agreed to sell its data management and demand-side platforms to Zeta Global in a deal tha


Philippines earthquake: Eight deaths reported on Luzon

The magnitude 6.1 earthquake on Luzon island brought down buildings, killing at least 11.

Donald Trump 'set for June state visit to UK'

Buckingham Palace is expected to announce on Tuesday that the US president will visit in early June.

Myanmar top court rejects Reuters journalists' appeal

Wa Lone and Kyaw Soe Oo have their seven year sentences upheld by the country's Supreme Court.

Shah Rukh Khan urges fans to vote in a new music video

The Bollywood star says he is responding to PM Modi's request that he "creatively" encourage voti

Greta Thunberg: Teen tells UK politicians 'listen to climat

Teenage activist Greta Thunberg, who will meet UK politicians, also praises climate change protester

Sri Lanka attacks: Mass funeral on day of mourning

The death toll from Sunday's bomb blasts rises to 310 and a state of emergency is in effect.

Who are the victims?

The victims include a celebrity chef and staff members at the Cinnamon Grand hotel.

SS Iron Crown: WW2 shipwreck found off Australia

The SS Iron Crown was sunk by a Japanese submarine in 1942, killing 38 sailors.

India election 2019: Narendra Modi votes in Ahmedabad

He cast his ballot in Gujarat, where he began his political career and served thrice as chief minist

UK parties to resume Brexit talks

The government will meet senior Labour Party figures in an attempt to solve the Brexit impasse.

Disposable nappy recycling: How soiled nappies can be reused

Each year billions end up in landfill, but the world's largest nappy production company is now back

Lyra McKee killing: 'New IRA admits responsibility'

The group offered "full and sincere apologies" to the journalist's family and friends, the Irish

Kim-Putin: North Korean and Russian leaders to meet for firs

There'll be a lot of history and potential behind the North Korean leader's first Russian visit.

Sri Lanka attacks: Family attends funeral

Speaking at his wife's funeral, Lewis Allen recalls the moment he learnt she had died in the Sri La

Autistic football fan on 'sensory overload' of match day

Alex Manners has been to all 92 football league clubs to raise awareness of autism.

Nine-year-old Nigerian chef: 'I want to make food for the p

Nine-year-old chef Sammy started cooking two years ago and now works with local orphanages in Lagos.

African women on the shame of hair loss

It is a topic shrouded in shame, but traction alopecia may affect one-third of women of African desc

Pedro Sánchez: Spain's accidental PM on a roll

Unlikely events propelled a struggling politician to Spain's top job - and the top of the polls.

Innovative child malaria vaccine to be tested in Malawi

The treatment, developed over 30 years, is the first to give partial protection to children, WHO say

New aircraft rises 'like a balloon'

Designed by Scots engineers, the Phoenix is a new type of plane which can travel long distances and

My lifelong obsession with 'resurrecting' classic cars

Vehicle restorer Charles Palmer on his long-held fascination with bringing classic cars back to life

BBC Women's Footballer of the Year 2019: Ada Hegerberg prof

BBC Sport profiles Olympique Lyonnais forward Ada Hegerberg, one of five nominees for the BBC Women

Could a computer ever rival Rembrandt or Beethoven?

Music, films and works of art are increasingly made using AI. But can machines ever be truly creativ

Outcry sparked by 'deeply racist' rat poem in Austria

Chancellor Sebastian Kurz says the poem, which compares migrants to rats, is "abominable".

Chelsea's Hudson-Odoi out with ruptured Achilles

Chelsea winger Callum Hudson-Odoi suffers a ruptured Achilles in his side's 2-2 draw with Burnley o

Chelsea into top four after frustrating draw with Burnley

Chelsea move into fourth position in the Premier League as they are held by Burnley in a thrilling g

Prince Louis: Catherine's pictures mark first birthday

The Duchess of Cambridge took the photographs in the grounds of the family's home in Norfolk.

'We didn't respect ourselves, the club or the fans' - Pog

Manchester United's players did not respect the club or their fans during Sunday's 4-0 loss at Eve

UK climate protesters stage museum 'die-in'

Extinction Rebellion protesters lay down underneath the blue whale skeleton in the Natural History M

World number one O'Sullivan trails amateur Cahill

Ronnie O'Sullivan trails amateur James Cahill after a shaky opening session in their first-round Wo

University student creates first aid kit for mental health

Tina Chan developed the kit after experiencing anxiety and depression while at university in Canada.

Britons caught up in explosions

A British mother and her two children died in the attack, while her husband survived.

Baby squirrels saved after tree holding nest is cut down

Vets in Poland say two of them had been attacked by a dog before they were found.

Sri Lanka attacks: Who are National Thowheed Jamath?

The hardline Islamist group has been blamed for the Easter attacks in Sri Lanka.

St Anthony's - 'Church of miracles'

St Anthony's, the site of one of Sri Lanka's deadliest Easter bombings, is more than a place of wo

Violent protests erupt at Georgia's Pankisi Gorge

Residents in Pankisi in north-eastern Georgia pelt police with rocks over plans for a new power plan

Three of tycoon's four children killed

Danish billionaire Anders Holch Povlsen and his family were visiting Sri Lanka, where three of his f

Sri Lanka attacks: 'My heart shattered when I saw the bodie

Eyewitnesses of the bombing of Sri Lanka's St Anthony's Shrine have described horrific scenes.

Earth Day: How to be more eco-friendly in everyday life

It's Earth Day, so we asked green bloggers for their top tips to be more eco-friendly.

Letter from Africa: The art of drawing your address in The G

With few street names in The Gambia, people have to get creative about giving directions.

Inside church after the blast

Almost 300 people have been killed and hundreds injured after several bomb blasts in the capital Col

In pictures: Attacks on churches and hotels

Images of the attacks targeting churches and hotels, in which hundreds of people died.

Sri Lanka attacks: 'I thought we had left all this violence

People caught up in the deadly Easter Sunday blasts in Sri Lanka tell the BBC what they experienced.

'Very, very sad day for all of us'

Cardinal Archbishop of Colombo, Malcolm Ranjith, has condemned a series of bomb attacks in Sri Lanka

'I'm the father to 110 huskies'

Audun lived a normal city life. But fed up with being annoyed all the time, he moved to the Arctic w

'The doctor wrote a question mark for my child's sex'

A child known as Baby A became the subject of a high court case that has prompted Kenya to start cha

'I helped test a wonder drug - then I was denied it'

When Louise Moorhouse took part in a drug trial she was able to eat normally for the first time in h

'My son killed himself after circumcision'

Why did a young man kill himself two years after being circumcised?

The mental rigours of being US president

Some of Mr Trump's predecessors are thought to have been depressives, bipolar and even psychopathic

Presidential impeachment 101: What to know

Legal Analyst Danny Cevallos breaks down everything you need to know about presidential impeachment.

Twin-engine plane crashes in Texas with 6 aboard

A twin-engine plane crashed Monday morning near an airport in Texas, the Federal Aviation Administra

Woman arrested for allegedly tossing bag of puppies near tra

The woman who authorities say was caught on video tossing a bag of newborn puppies near a dumpster i

The debate now is whether Democrats think impeachment is a s

History can be a wise teacher, but it's also crucial to take the right lessons. Confronted with a s

Pete Buttigieg: 'God doesn't have a political party'

• Sanders says right to vote should extend 'even for terrible people'n• Warren says she won'

Dems offer divergent takes on impeachment at CNN's town hal

In five back-to-back town halls hosted by CNN in New Hampshire on Monday, Democratic presidential co

Greenland is melting faster than experts thought

Climate change is eliminating giant chunks of ice from Greenland at such a speed that the melt has a

Beyoncé just posted her first Instagram Story, and you coul

Queen Bey is always keeping us on our toes. Just as her fans were still catching their breath after

Student asks Bernie Sanders about 'failures of socialism'

During a CNN town hall, a student whose family fled Soviet Russia asked Democratic presidential cand

Supreme Court case could help pick 2024 election winners

The US Supreme Court will soon decide a case that could impact the 2024 presidential election. Argum

White House tells official not to testify about security cle

The White House has instructed a former official who was in charge of the security clearance process

Militia leader allegedly claimed group was training to assas

A leader of an armed militia that has held hundreds of migrants at the border previously claimed the

Don't like eating breakfast? A new study might change your

Whether you eat breakfast might be linked with your risk of dying early from cardiovascular disease,

BBQ food truck faces backlash for 'LGBTQ' T-shirts

A Kentucky food truck is selling a T-shirt that says "I support LGBTQ -- liberty, guns, Bible, Trum

Elizabeth Warren: Impeachment not about politics

Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren lays out why calling for impeachment proceedings

Brenda Jackson, mother of Dale Earnhardt Jr., dies of cancer

Brenda Jackson, mother of Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Kelley Earnhardt Miller, has died of cancer at 65,

US threatens to veto UN resolution on helping rape victims

The US delegation to the United Nations has threatened to veto a resolution aiming to prevent rape a

Waikiki Beach could soon be underwater due to climate change

Rep. Chris Lee has a 2-year-old niece.n nnn

A singer who died decades ago is at the center of a controve

It's been more than 30 years since Kate Smith died, but the singer is at the center of a recent con

Silencing Kate Smith is not the answer

Oh for the love of James Weldon Johnson! So now they're dragging out the corpse of singer Kate Smit

Social Security won't be able to pay full benefits by 2035

If Congress doesn't act soon, tens of millions of Americans will only receive about three-quarters

Video shows manhunt for US resident wanted in embassy raid

Authorities are searching for a Mexican national and US resident who they believe led the assault on

Video of alleged suspect before blast

Surveillance video provided to CNN shows the alleged suspect in one of the Sri Lanka church bombings

Trump claims 'nobody disobeys my orders'

President Donald Trump contended Monday that none of his underlings routinely defy his commands, des

House panel issues subpoena to former White House counsel

The House Judiciary Committee has served former White House counsel Don McGahn with a subpoena as pa

Analysis: 13 times people who worked for Trump disobeyed him

On Monday, President Donald Trump said this about the people who work for him: "Nobody disobeys my

See comedians' 'Game of Thrones' party

Late night host Seth Meyers and comedian Leslie Jones watch "Game of Thrones" together in hilariou

Huawei claims more 5G firsts as sales jump 39%

Things are looking up for Huawei despite the best efforts of the US government.n nnn

Harry Potter Vans are on the way

Vans announced a Harry Potter collaboration today that has fans ready to hand over all their money.

High-rise pool spills over edge during earthquake

The Philippine island of Luzon was struck by a 6.1-magnitude earthquake, which damaged buildings and

Dems can investigate Trump and pursue policy

It took only a few hours after the release of the Mueller report for the media to frame the critical

Roy Disney's granddaughter thinks Disney CEO's $66 million

Disney CEO Bob Iger made nearly $66 million last year, and a Disney family member thinks that's "i

Trump and sons sue to block release of financial records

President Donald Trump is going to court to try to block a Democratically-controlled congressional c

Kraft Heinz appoints new CEO

Kraft Heinz, which suffered a huge loss last quarter, announced a new CEO on Monday.n nnn

Woman carrying a gun and a baby tackled after threatening to

Church members on Sunday tackled a woman, carrying a handgun and a baby, who threatened to blow up t

Bieber surprises fans with big announcement

Justin Bieber announced he has a new album coming soon, after performing a duet with Ariana Grande t

Tesla car appears to explode in China

Tesla is investigating after one of its vehicles appeared to explode in China.n nnn

Tesla's new Autopilot is amazing -- but keep your eyes on t

Tesla's new Navigate on Autopilot technology can do amazing things but, even with all the car's ca

Billionaire loses 3 out of 4 children in Sri Lanka attacks

• Live updates: Sri Lanka mourns as investigation into deadly blasts continuesn• Crowd scramble

Anchors slam Sarah Sanders' ongoing lie

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders is backtracking on a 2017 comment about James Comey after

'Wish cycling' is common and doing more harm than good

Some items that may seem right for your recycling bin actually aren't, and it's doing more harm th

The most beautiful places around the world

The world's a spectacular place, full of hidden and overt beauty in every corner. But beauty's als

Pentagon names US servicemen who died in non-hostile inciden

The US Department of Defense over the weekend identified two US service members killed in non-combat

Yes, some were uncomfortable with the scene. For the record,

You weren't the only one surprised by that scene between Arya Stark and Gendry on "Game of Thrones

Video appears to show Tesla erupt in flames

Tesla says its investigating after surveillance footage showed a parked Model S appear to smoke and

US inches closer to measles record

There have been 626 cases of measles reported in the United States this year, according to the Cente

Mystery surrounds the Sri Lanka attacks

It is one of the most lethal terrorist operations since September 11 -- with a death toll of at leas

Not all young American voters are left-wing Twitter warriors

There are a lot of misconceptions about young American voters. Many assume we are left-wing Twitter

Why the opera world should take notes on 'Homecoming'

On April 9, 1939 the African-American opera singer Marian Anderson made history when she performed o

'Veep' imitates life

The following contains spoilers about the April 21 episode of "Veep."n nnn

If you haven't heard of Lizzo yet, you will soon

If you're not familiar with Lizzo yet, you'll be hearing a lot more about her soon.n nnn

William Barr threw his credibility in the gutter

Special Counsel Robert Mueller's report has arrived. While the report is more than 400 pages long,

A tragic Holy Week culminates in an Easter Sunday horror

It has been a testing week for Christians everywhere.n nnn

'Flawless' diamond found in Botswana

Botswana has unveiled a blue diamond whose value could outstrip that of the storied Hope Diamond: th

'Ramy' puts fresh spin on Muslim experience

The quest for identity as a Muslim living in New Jersey only scratches the surface of "Ramy," a Hu

'Game of Thrones' photos offer hint

Jaime Lannister may finally have to answer for his crimes.n nnn

Stunning photos show 'Black is Beautiful'

To some, Kwame Brathwaite was the "Keeper of the Images," capturing black creativity and expressio

Beyoncé serenades legend for her birthday

Beyoncé celebrates Diana Ross' 75th birthday by singing an impromptu "Happy Birthday" to her.n

A short history of the elevator

The first passenger elevator got off to a slow start. Installed in 1857 at the Haughwout Department

Why was this car hidden away for 30 years?

If this car could talk, it would describe a road to fame with all the twists and turns of a Hollywoo

Unseen photos of America's early 'working girls'

Women in sexual professions have always distinguished themselves from other women, from the mores of


Sport on the BBC: Best of this week's TV & radio covera

This week's sport on the BBC includes the London Marathon, World Snooker Championship, Premier Leag

Leicester Tigers: Noel Reid, Calum Green & Jaco Taute to

Leinster's Noel Reid, Newcastle's Calum Green and Munster's Jaco Taute are all to join Leicester

Israel Folau: Australia full-back's future to be decided at

Israel Folau's future will be decided at a code of conduct hearing on 4 May after the full-back was

‘I can tell everyone and just be myself’ - Blues wing Ja

Cardiff Blues and Wales wing Tom James speaks publicly for the first time about his battle with ment

Warren Gatland: Wales coach ideal candidate for 2021 tour, s

Former British and Irish Lions Test hooker Matthew Rees says Warren Gatland is the right choice to l

Leinster reach Champions Cup final

Defending champions Leinster will face Saracens in the Champions Cup final after grinding down Toulo

England women concede late try to lose dramatic Sevens final

England Women concede a try after the full-time hooter sounds as they lose 7-5 to Canada in the Worl

European Challenge Cup semi-final: ASM Clermont Auvergne 32-

Harlequins fall short of a memorable comeback as Clermont Auvergne beat them 32-27 in the European C

European Challenge Cup Semi-Final: La Rochelle 24-20 Sale Sh

La Rochelle hang on to beat Premiership side Sale in a thrilling semi-final in France to reach their

'It was quite scary' - Vunipola confronted by fan

Saracens forward Billy Vunipola says he must expect "it's going to keep happening" after being co

Vunipola booed and scores late try as Saracens power into fi

England forward Billy Vunipola scores a late try and is named man of the match as Saracens power int

London Irish: Club secure Championship title and promotion w

London Irish secure promotion back to the Premiership with victory at Championship strugglers Richmo

Quiz: Test your knowledge of Leinster's decade of success

Reigning European and Pro14 champions Leinster have won eight titles over the past 10 years but how

Mark McCafferty: Outgoing Premiership boss says global club

Regular matches between club sides across the world will happen "sooner or later", says outgoing P

Ben Te'o: Worcester Warriors and England centre to leave Si

Worcester's England centre Ben Te'o is to leave at the end of the season, while ex-South Africa fl

Rory Best: 'I want to go out on my terms' - Ireland captai

Retiring Ulster and Ireland captain Rory Best says that he feels the time is right to step away from

Quiz: What do you know about Rory Best's career?

From Grand Slam glory to Heineken Cup heartache, the Rory Best has been through the lot as a player,

Ireland captain Best to retire after World Cup

Ireland and Ulster captain Rory Best will retire after this year's World Cup in Japan.

Billy Vunipola: Personal beliefs won't divide dressin room

England scrum-half Danny Care says Billy Vunipola's controversial social media post is not somethin

Israel Folau: Tom Bosworth & Elinor Barker on controvers

World record-holding race walker Tom Bosworth and Olympic cycling champion Elinor Barker speak out a

Israel Folau's predicament 'his own fault' - Cardiff Blue

Cardiff Blues coach John Mulvihill says the possibility of Israel Folau being sacked is his own faul

'He gave me a blood capsule and told me to chew it' - 10 y

Ten years on from Bloodgate, Tom Williams, Danny Care and Ugo Monye explain what happened that day a

Ex-Wales back-row forward Rhys Oakley reflects on cancer bat

Ex-Wales forward Rhys Oakley reflects on his battle against cancer discovered after he went into hos

'We've improved as much as anybody' - outgoing chief John

Departing director of rugby Scott Johnson talks to BBC Scotland about his critics, his switch to Aus

Alun Wyn Jones: Wales’ legendary leader & player of th

Already a Welsh legend, Alun Wyn Jones’ Six Nations exploits have elevated him to global greatness

'I get recognised in the supermarket now': Hadleigh Parkes

Wales' Grand Slam try-scorer Hadleigh Parkes reflects on the match, the celebrations and the afterm

Rugby World Cup 2019: Where do home nations stand after Six

Can Wales maintain their form? Can England recover from the Scottish fightback? BBC pundits answer k